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Shoes Cleaning

While a lot of people take shoes for granted, instead focusing most of their attention on clothes, the fact is that our shoes are an important part of our daily wear. More often than not, our shoes end up carrying germs if not cleaned regularly, leading to foot infections.

Shoes tell a lot about a person, and we sincerely believe in this adage. People judge your attitude towards hygiene and professionalism by how clean your shoes are. However, cleaning footwear is not as simple as putting them into a washing machine, but there is more that goes into maintaining them. Each shoe has its own style and material, which requires an in-depth understanding of the different kinds of treatment for different fabrics.Thus, you need professional shoe-cleaning services to maintain your footwear.

At The Laundry Services, we follow a methodical and thorough approach for cleaning your shoes. Each pair is handled with care using gentle chemicals that cause no damage.

It is no doubt that your shoes take on a lot to protect your feet – running, walking, and even dancing. It is thus important you keep them clean. We understand your shoes and show them the love that they deserve. With our quality shoe cleaning services, we make your shoes sparkle and shine. Our prices are affordable and suit every customer’s budget.We clean all kinds of shoes and give them the shine they once had. Be it any type of show, our gentle washing treatment ensures no damage is done to your goods.

Bring back the shine to your shoes with our high quality shoes cleaning services:

  • Items handled by skilled professionals
  • Cleaning service catering to different types of shoes
  • Each shoes pair is processed separately instead of lots.
  • Use of high quality spotting agents which are tough on stains but gentle for shoes fabric.
  • Insoles and laces are cleaned separately and shoes is completely air dried before packing and delivery.
  • Affordable prices
  • Doorstep pick-up and drop service to save time

To get your shoes cleaned, get in touch with us today and schedule a quick pick-up !


White shoes cleaning
Shoes Cleaning – We follow Best Practices


Canvas Shoes
Rs. 250
Sports Shoes L-H
 Rs. 300 – 600
All prices are exclusive GST.