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Sofa & Carpet Cleaning

As schedules get busier, young professionals find themselves short on time for household chores. No wonder, then, that houses start accumulating dust, with an increase in the amount of allergens and harmful bacteria. An unhygienic house not just looks dirty but also becomes unhealthy for its inhabitants. Especially if there are children at home, the problem is severe.The most frequently-used items in your house are likely to be the sofa and carpet. The sofa you love to relax in and the carpets in your house may soon start causing allergies. It is thus important to have clean sofas and carpets. However, this deep cleaning can’t be achieved with a daily dusting.

Even if you regularly vacuum upholstery, it soon begins to look worn out. Additionally, a simple dusting does not remove germs and dust that settle deep into the inner fibers. Thus, you need professional help to rid your house of germs.

Our professional sofa and carpet cleaning service promises to keep  your furniture clean and spotless. Our well-trained team is reliable and uses the latest cleaning equipment to give your house a new look and help your carpets and sofas retain their brightness and appearance for a long time.

Sanitizing sucks out germs from your carpets and sofas. We use a unique cleaning process using imported tools to sanitize every corner of your furniture. Because we maintain an environmentally-conscious approach, we use only mild chemicals to treat the fabric with care and ensure it doesn’t pose a risk to your health.

Just like our personal appearance needs to be in order, the look of our house needs to perfect too. Our sofa and carpet cleaning services help our customers keep their houses clean and shining. Using only the gentlest of chemicals and imported machines, we breathe new life into your upholstery and make it shine like it’s new.

Give your carpet and sofas impeccable shine with our high quality cleaning services:

  • Items handled by skilled professionals
  • Cleaning services for leather as well as fabric sofa’s  and all types of carpets.
  • To ensure the best results spotting is done before cleaning and most of the stains  like oil stain , coffee stain , pet stains etc. are cleaned during the process.
  • Affordable prices
  • Express sofa cleaning with in  2-3 hrs.
  • Doorstep pick-up and drop service to save time
  • To help save the environment, we use eco friendly agents for cleaning.

To create a clean and healthy atmosphere, schedule a pick-up today and get your furniture and carpet cleaned to perfection. To know more about our services, contact us today !

Sofa & Carpet Cleaning at Home


Sofa Cleaning
Rs. 250 – 400 / Seat
Carpet Cleaning
Rs. 25 per sqft
All prices are exclusive GST.