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Steam Ironing

A modern lifestyle means hectic schedules that leave no time for household activities.Busy professionals often find themselves trying to meet deadlines and completing chores in a frenzy.

The importance of crisp, wrinkle-free clothing can’t be emphasized enough. We make life easier for you by delivering ready-to-wear clothes to your doorstep. Our professional steam ironing services are suitable for busy professionals and students who struggle to find pressed-and-proper clothes when they need them.We help you renew and restore to your clothing through our quality steam ironing services.

Pressed for time? Running late for an interview? We’ve got you covered with our quick and professional ironing services. At The Laundry Services, you can leave all your worries behind and simply leave your laundered garments with us. We know how to iron clothes to perfection.

While most fabrics support steam ironing, some delicate fabrics need to be treated differently or avoid from being pressed altogether. Other factors like amount of steam and temperature to be applied for different fabrics are also an important consideration.Which is why it is advisable to always get your clothes steam ironed to perfection from professionals. This also helps save them from damage and increase their longevity.

At The Laundry Services, we smoothen the most stubborn of wrinkles and flatten every crease, giving your clothes their original shape. Through our environment-friendly processes and expert fabric care using international technology, we make having your clothes ready on time an easy, smooth process. At that, we make the process convenient for you. Customers can get pick-ups from their house at flexible time slots and we’ll take care of the rest.

Give your clothes a wrinkle-free shine with our high quality steam ironing services:

  • Clothes handled by skilled professionals
  • Steam ironing solutions for all types of clothes specially Saree, Fancy Suits, Shervani, Gents Suit, Coat, Trouser, Shirts.
  • Custom temperature and steam according to fabric type
  • Crisp, wrinkle-free look for your clothes
  • Express same day service.
  • Clothes can be delivered on hanger or folder as per your requirement.
  • Doorstep pick-up and drop service to save time

You can schedule a pick-up and we’ll deliver your clothes after ironing them to perfection.Our steam ironing services also come at an affordable price, making them the preferred choice for several of our customers.


Professional Steam Ironing
Professional Steam Ironing


Shirt / T-shirt / Trouser
Rs. 35
Gents Suit ( 2 Pc )
Rs. 125
Saree Light – Heavy
Rs. 70-125
Western Dress
Rs. 100-300
Rs. 100-300
Lehenga Light – Heavy
Rs. 150-1000
All prices are exclusive GST.